Mermaids and rainbows

I swam through a rainbow today. Dipping myself in the inky pre-dawn sea, I perform mermaid twists and turns, while waiting for the eastern sky to come to life. As the sun scratches the surface of the horizon, I turn around to see a perfectly formed rainbow, one end rising from the palm fringed beach, the other end sinking into Yanuca island. The moment catches my breath. The sea is mirror calm and reflects the arch into a circle of color and surrounds my body as if I’m suspended in a soft embrace of sea and sky.

Alone. Sola sirena. No one else is around to witness this gift from nature. I selfishly rejoice in my good fortune. I laugh aloud and swim in circles within the circle, then lay my head back and watch the rising sun illuminate the soft colors.

My joy is a lifelong appreciation and great love of the natural world, especially the sea. This morning’s gift was exceptional, today I honor a very special person who left the earth 28 years ago. I used to dread this day each year when the anniversary of his death arrived, as I would spend the day alone and sad. This morning I promise myself to exchange sadness for great joy. We shared a wild, adventurous, carefree, world wandering lifestyle in our youth, a lifestyle I’ve tried to continue as much as possible.

I embrace my fears and swim farther out to sea. I breathe and smile and erase any shred of fear. Fear is no fun. I want to have fun and spread joy.

I’m on Fiji time, In Oceania. What a great name: Oceania. Going with the rhythm of the day, the ocean calls to me all day long, but when I must tear myself away and search for food, I pass streetside stalls with smiling vendors, offering their freshly harvested pineapples and mangoes. Thirsty? At the coconut stand, I can’t resist the salesman with a huge grin as he calls out to me and expertly whacks off the lid with his machete while managing to keep all his digits intact and hands me the sweetest beverage in its natural packaging.

I sit and chat with local ladies about everything and nothing at all. Cherishing my years of experience that allow me to instantly melt into island time. No rushing, no agendas, no place to be. I explore where my feet carry me and return smiles from a culture rich with them.

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  1. Beautiful story, Lynn! I loved reading and wish it was longer. You are an awesome story teller!

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