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Welcome to “Whale Vomit Island”

It’s not officially called Whale Vomit Island, yet it is the literal translation of Ambergris Caye, which has long intrigued me, not only because of its unusual name, but it’s proximity to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system on our watery… Continue Reading “Welcome to “Whale Vomit Island””

A Tale of Two Brothers, the Ocean and My Battle Against Sadness

I have lived with sadness for far too long. I refuse to let sadness be my constant companion, yet sadness sneaks in when I least expect it. I want to break up with sad. I want to kick sad to the curb, stomp on… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Brothers, the Ocean and My Battle Against Sadness”

Wild and Wet Waikiki

In honor of National Dive Bar Day (yes, there is such a thing!) sponsored by Seagrams 7, who proudly support the National Trust for Historic Preservation, valiantly helping to preserve dive bars, we take a pub crawl in Waikiki, on the not quite so… Continue Reading “Wild and Wet Waikiki”

Kissed by a Starfish

Gail let out a little yelp as we stand ankle deep in crystal clear South Pacific water on Drawaqa Island. We look down and a frisky sand colored starfish has scooted over her right foot and tickled her. Kathy and I also get kissed… Continue Reading “Kissed by a Starfish”

Cool Gear I Like to Travel With

What seems like a millennium ago, a young backpacker from Ramona found herself hitchhiking the wilds of Southern Africa. Her backpack carried few items, yet each was integral and multipurpose or it simply didn’t get to join the party. Flash forward to modern gear,… Continue Reading “Cool Gear I Like to Travel With”

Español en Ecuador

The full moon shimmered through my balcony, gently waking me as she beckoned me. I stepped outside to greet the Southern Cross and Venus, my dear companions. This month’s full moon coincided with the vernal equinox, only too happy to celebrate spring, even in… Continue Reading “Español en Ecuador”

Iceland: I Do NOT Want to Eat a Whale Taco, Thank You

I’m drawn to Iceland’s extreme raw nature and the unpredictability of not only the ever changing weather but the knowledge that a volcanic eruption could occur at any given moment. Crawling through an ice cave inside a glacier on an active volcano feels slightly… Continue Reading “Iceland: I Do NOT Want to Eat a Whale Taco, Thank You”

Scottsdale, a Cowgirl Feels at Home

The daughter of a rancher has never owned a pair of cowgirl boots. Well, things are about to change. What better place for a western wear shopping expedition than the bustling pueblo of Scottsdale, Arizona. Sauntering into Saba’s, family owned since 1927, I’m cheerily… Continue Reading “Scottsdale, a Cowgirl Feels at Home”

A Victorian Gem in British Columbia

Jennie Butchart had a vision. Faced with a former limestone quarry as her backyard, in 1904 she started a transformation with a few sweet pea seeds and one rose bush. Today, over a million visitors a year enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Jennie’s… Continue Reading “A Victorian Gem in British Columbia”

Baja Ha Ha, a Floating Fiesta

The appropriately named Baja Ha Ha is a fun filled sailing rally, designed to transport your vessel to the sunny shores of Mexico in company with like-minded ocean explorers. While some mariners choose solitude at sea, many, including this sailor, enjoy the camaraderie provided… Continue Reading “Baja Ha Ha, a Floating Fiesta”