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Yosemite Rocks

When I am in Yosemite, I feel the presence of my parents, as if they are surrounding me with an enormous embrace. I am forever grateful to them for introducing me to nature at a very young age. The memories of our annual summer… Continue Reading “Yosemite Rocks”

Bienvenidos a Little Havana

Accompanying my travel partner on a work sojourn to Miami was an excellent cure for being homebound for too long! As I was packing my trusted Osprey rolly bag, I realized how much I have missed my little two-wheeled companion. I tend to pack… Continue Reading “Bienvenidos a Little Havana”

Cruising the Cape – Exploring Baja California Sur

After two weeks of sailing on a boat with no hot water and a sketchy sun shower shared by 10 people, the luxuries of a beachfront resort in Cabo was indeed a treat, yet after a couple days the back roads beckon. The 27th… Continue Reading “Cruising the Cape – Exploring Baja California Sur”

My Love Letter to the Ocean

Dear Mother Ocean The UN has dedicated June 8 as World Oceans Day, yet I celebrate and cherish your beauty every day. I have loved you since I was a toddler with sand in my butt crack, squealing with delight while frolicking in the… Continue Reading “My Love Letter to the Ocean”

Peru’s Mystical Mountain – Machu Picchu

“Attention crew, attention crew, this is your Captain. Who wants to go to Machu Picchu?” Exuberant cheering is heard throughout the vessel. We were docked outside of Lima, Peru on the Sea Shepherd vessel M/V John Paul DeJoria in the only space they had… Continue Reading “Peru’s Mystical Mountain – Machu Picchu”

An African Barrel of Monkeys

Fernweh. I discovered a word that aptly describes my state of mind. Roughly translated, this German word means “far-sickness”. As opposed to homesickness, fernweh is an aching for far-flung places and a perpetually, insatiable desire to travel and explore. While the world is on… Continue Reading “An African Barrel of Monkeys”

Welcome to “Whale Vomit Island”

It’s not officially called Whale Vomit Island, yet it is the literal translation of Ambergris Caye, which has long intrigued me, not only because of its unusual name, but it’s proximity to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system on our watery… Continue Reading “Welcome to “Whale Vomit Island””

A Tale of Two Brothers, the Ocean and My Battle Against Sadness

I have lived with sadness for far too long. I refuse to let sadness be my constant companion, yet sadness sneaks in when I least expect it. I want to break up with sad. I want to kick sad to the curb, stomp on… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Brothers, the Ocean and My Battle Against Sadness”

Wild and Wet Waikiki

  In honor of National Dive Bar Day (yes, there is such a thing!) sponsored by Seagrams 7, who proudly support the National Trust for Historic Preservation, valiantly helping to preserve dive bars, we take a pub crawl in Waikiki, on the not quite… Continue Reading “Wild and Wet Waikiki”

Kissed by a Starfish

Gail let out a little yelp as we stand ankle deep in crystal clear South Pacific water on Drawaqa Island. We look down and a frisky sand colored starfish has scooted over her right foot and tickled her. Kathy and I also get kissed… Continue Reading “Kissed by a Starfish”