Tales from Bootlegger Bay

This blog is named after an imaginary place in the world that I search for. A bay on a tropical island. An idyllic island full of friendly people and pristine and protected waters, surrounded by healthy coral reefs with a multitude of colorful fish and sea life living in harmony. I have found many special bays, harbors, islands and nautical watering holes full of the most colorful of characters and I will keep searching, while also revisiting some of my favorite places on this delightfully watery planet. Working and living on sailboats has led me to my deep connection to the sea, deep enough to want to protect, cherish and care for the ocean and her inhabitants.

3 Comments on “Tales from Bootlegger Bay

  1. Thank you for sharing your trials, your joy, and your journey. You are one special lady and for whatever reason, this path is your destiny


  2. Fantastic. Well done Lynn. You’re a natural travel blogger. So happy you’re enjoying your new chapter. Ness


  3. Lynn – I’m speechless. Beautiful expression of your soul. I’m lucky to count you as a friend.


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